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making your ideas a reality

“All achievements, all earned riches, have their beginning in an idea”.

~ Napoleon Hill

An entrepreneur cannot resist coming up with new ideas. An idea is more likely to become a reality when it is visualized in great detail followed through by action to create the final impact. More often than not these ideas never materialize, not because they’re not good but mainly because of doubt and lack of resources.

The 21st century has changed how we access resources and information. Now, like never before in our history, we have virtually unlimited access to tools and resources to realize and expedite ideas into reality. Across the world people are bursting with new ideas and many of them are changing the world around us. Opportunities are everywhere and those who dare to dream are taking full advantage.

At Idea96 Studio this is what we do. We help entrepreneurs to initiate, analyse and realize new ideas using web, print and multimedia into products and services that get through to their intended audience. By competing confidently in an ever changing world of technology and customer expectations, our clients are able to realize their dreams and grow their company while making a positive impact on those they serve.

Ask yourself this question and make it your core marketing message.

Why you do, what you do? Not every business is in business just make money. Many business owners do what they do out of passion and are proud to stand by their work. A satisfaction is achieved which keeps them going no matter what the market conditions. They experience a feeling of being something, belonging somewhere and ultimately believing their products and services are capable of changing the world around. They keep perfecting their formulas, always striving to produce positive results.

Today’s customers dont buy what we sell, they are attracted to why we sell, to the commitment in accomplishing the greater deed, They don’t want to be sold on, they want to buy in.

Many businesses compete on price. They think this beats the competition. It’s well proven that price doesn’t dictate the marketplace... Customer experience does. The experience you create through the quality you maintain, the customer care you provide builds loyal customers who come again and again to do business with you and enjoy doing it.

So go ahead and think hard why you do what you do. Remember, money is not a reason but the end result of whatever you do well. Once you answer this question, make it your core marketing message.

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